What We Do

Our mission is to help you turn your cell tower leases into a lump sum payout!

At Cell At Auction, we represent the seller and use our expertise, along with the power of auction, to ensure that you are receiving the maximum lump sum payment on the sale of your cell tower lease. Our proprietary bidding strategy uses both live and sealed bid auctions to promote competition, delivering maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Instead of dealing with bidders from various sources on an individual basis, Cell At Auction is a centralized marketplace that will create competition among bidders, thus providing you peace of mind from knowing you are getting the best return on your leases.

In addition to monitizing these sites, we are experienced in working with property owners in representing their interests in negotiating new and renewable site leases.   While it is certainly a benefit to have cellular carriers and tower companies as tenants, landlords are best served by having experienced seasoned brokers represent their interests as well.   We pride ourselves on negotiating these leases and act as faciliator to close these transactions to the satisfaction to all parties.