Power of Auction

Auctions have long been used as a preferred means of selling valuable assets for several reasons. Auctions create a centralized marketplace for buyers and sellers, which saves time and maximizes efficiency for both parties. Combining sealed bid and live auction creates a larger bidding base, since all potential purchasers can come to one location no matter where they are in the world. Auction fosters competition, ensuring you get the best return on your assets with no price limits. This competitive environment is fueled by a sense of urgency: there is a definite date and time when the site will be sold, and anyone who hesitates risks losing the property entirely. The auction environment also lessens the likelihood of buyer’s remorse. Since buyers compete with what other qualified bidders are willing to pay, the final price is justified by the market.

While auction increases competiveness among buyers, it can minimize competition from other property sellers. During the auction sellers have their exclusive attention on your property and this creates a sales vacuum. Unlike a drawn-out negotiation process, buyers cannot shop around, they must focus on your property exclusively and make a purchase decision quickly, or risk losing it to a competitor. Auctions are a powerful sales tool, and when administered by the experienced team at Cell At Auction LLC, will lead to the most timely and profitable sale of your telecommunications assets.