Auction Tips

Preparation: We strongly encourage you to have all auction related materials carefully reviewed by an attorney prior to the auction. The more prepared you are to participate and make well informed decisions; the better the final result will be for you.

Financing: As each sale is not subject to obtaining financing, closing will be scheduled for a short time frame after the auction. Be sure that you have all your monies available in a timely manner.

Due Diligence: You will be required to acknowledge and accept a confidentiality agreement in order to obtain the bidder’s information packet which contains the necessary due diligence materials. Carefully review and be sure you understand this information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, or consult with your attorney or experts.

Documentation: Amongst the documents included in each individual telecommunication site offering will be the terms of sale, Agreement of Sale, copies of leases, title report, property tax information, if any; online bidding instructions, bidding affidavit (if you will be bidding online) and possible source of financing. The Agreement of Sale  is the same for ALL BUYERS and is non-negotiable. It is intended to be fair for both buyer and seller.

Unsure of what to do? We want each and every purchaser to be satisfied with this experience and purchase. While we want your participation at auction on each and every telecommunication site we offer, if you are unsure of your interest or have not completed your final determination to purchase or not, please do not bid. If for some reason, after you are the successful bidder you decide not to close the sale, your earnest money is non-refundable, you will not receive it back. The seller, under the terms of the purchase agreement may elect to enforce a provision of specific performance. Likewise, you as the successful bidder will also be able to enforce this provision, in the event the seller does not perform. This provision, gives credibility to both the buyer and seller that these are committed transactions.

Should you attend the auction on site or via webcast? We encourage you, if your schedule permits, to attend the auction onsite where the auctioneer will be conducting and calling the bids. This will provide you with the opportunity to meet personally with representatives with Cell At Auction, LLC and have any last minute questions answered. We have been conducting live on site auctions for over 30 years. We do understand that the travel commitment that may be required to attend may be expensive and take up much of your valuable time. The advent of real time webcast bidding has provided a solution for those who are seriously interested in bidding, but would prefer to participate in this program during the normal course of their day. 

Don’t wait until the last moment to register. We recommend that you obtain all the required materials well in advance of the auction. If you intend to participate please be sure to have all the required legal documents, sent to Cell At Auction LLC and the title company in a timely fashion and have them acknowledged. Once your registration is confirmed, all you will need to do to participate is log in to our website and follow the directions. It would be unfortunate for a buyer to be prevented from purchasing a site they desire if they wait too long and the registration process is not completed.