New Cell Tower Auction Firm Wired For Success

Northbrook, IL (February 4, 2013) Cell At Auction LLC, a new resource for owners of telecommunication leases to turn assets into cash and maximize sales price. Through the power of auction, both live and Sealed Bid Cell At Auction, LLC has created an organized marketplace for buyers to locate and bid on these valuable assets.

Bud Blinick, President, AARE, a 30 year veteran of the real estate auction and telecommunications industries, launched the company to provide property owners with a creative approach to target untapped capital resources. “With the universal acceptance of live and Webcast auctions, we have generated a platform that allows sellers and buyers to accelerate the transaction in this growing industry” explains Blinick. “Owners and lessors of telecommunication towers and leases can now be assured they receive fair market value for these assets while buyers can obtain assets, backed by highly rated companies that generate a good return on their investment.

“Our goal is to create the leading branded auction company in the wireless marketplace by developing a platform that is dynamic, flexible and easy to use” states Bud Blinick. “We are committed to building a strong organization that helps facilitate the sales of the assets while maximizing their value”.

For more information visit Cell at Auction or contact Bud Blinick 847-977-2314

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