• Lot Number: 030424
  • Address: 4N525 School Road, St. Charles, IL, USA
  • Type of Offering: N/A
  • Carriers and Leases: N/A
  • Auction Structure: Without Reserve
  • Bidding to Commence At: N/A
  • Earnest Money: N/A
  • Buyer Premium: N/A

4N525 School Road, St. Charles, IL, USA

Auction Details

Lot Number: #030424

Bidding to Commence At: N/A

Wasco, a former unincorporated community that became part of the village of Campton Hills, Illinois, has retained Cell At Auction LLC, D/B/A Wireless Bridge Partners, LLC to market their operational water tower to provide enhanced wireless  coverage for the village and surrounding areas.   This is a desirable location demomstrated by having Verizon already established as a wireless tenant.   The tower is located at 4N759 N. School Road, St Charles, IL 60175,   For more information email: Budb@cellatauction.com or call/text Bud Blinick at 847-977-2314.   

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Thank you for your interest regarding this cell tower/antenna. If you are interested in bidding on this asset and require more information, click on the tab labeled “Bidder Packet”. If you have questions regarding the due diligence either call Bud Blinick at 847-977-2314 or email Bud at budb@cellatauction.com.

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